An Info-graphic is a simpler way of transforming an otherwise monotonous representation into a captivating experience. In accordance to the objective of the IEEE Pakistan Students/YP/WIE/SIGHT Congress to provide a platform for IEEE volunteers from different sections to network, interact and learn from the volunteers, the IEEE PSYWSC'18 team is organizing ‘Info-graphics Competition’ (Poster competition) for all the delegates from different Sections and Student Branches.

Info-graphic Theme:

The info-graphic should showcase the activities and achievements of the participating IEEE Student Branch/Affinity Group/Technical Chapter.

Scope of Entries:

Each Student Branch/Affinity Group/Technical Chapter may submit at most one entry. The info-graphic may contain information about the activities, featured programs, competitions and events; or may showcase the awards and achievements of the Student Branch or its members. Participants have the liberty to showcase their creative ideas in showcasing the contents of the poster.

The shortlisted posters will be selected for showcase during the PSYWS Congress. The Judges will judge the Posters in the Congress and the top 2 Posters would be awarded during the Awards Night in the Congress.


Only the delegates attending the PSYWS Congress 2018 can represent their IEEE Student Branch/Affinity Group/Technical Chapter and can apply for the Info-graphics Competition.


  1. The poster size must be A3.
  2. Info-graphics must be static.
  3. Include maximum achievements and activities about your Student Branch/Affinity Group/Technical Chapter.
  4. Shortlisted poster must be printed by the delegate.

Judgement Criteria:

The Judge(s) will review the static entries and judge them based on the following criteria:

  1. Relevancy to the theme
  2. Design & Hierarchy (appropriate representation of different data levels, including clear leading piece of data)
  3. Creativity
  4. Originality
  5. Innovativeness (Out of the box thinking)
  6. Informative Visualizations (Full on information)
  7. Legibility (layout, color, font choice, size and ratio)
  8. Statistical conceptualization (Clear statistical understanding)
  9. Distinct Point of View (Uniqueness)
  10. Share ability (format, size, openness etc. to be optimum to ease public access)


13th November 2018


Info-graphics Competition

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