Dr. Yasar Ayaz

HOD, Robotics & Intelligent Machine Engineering, SMME-NUST

Chairman, National Center of Artificial Intelligence (NCAI), Pakistan

Dr.Yasar Ayyaz – holding a PhD specializing in Robotics and Machine Intelligence from Tohoku University, Japan, is the Founder and Deputy Head of Pakistan’s first Department of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence at School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering –NUST. One of the jewels of this department is the Robotics and Intelligent Systems Engineering (RISE) Laboratory, founded by Dr. Yasar Ayaz to carry out research in the area of cognitive robotics and machine intelligence with a special focus on design, control and motion planning for robotic systems.

Words fall short in acknowledging Dr. Yasar Ayyaz’s numerous accomplishments; he is the author of 70 international highly cited publications in research journals and conferences. He has also reviewed a number of major journals in the areas of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Bio-engineering. His work in the areas of Robot Navigation and Humanoid Robotics in particular has been cited by leading universities in more than 11 countries.

In recognition of his contributions to research and academics in the area of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, Dr Yasar’s biography will also be appearing in Marquis Who’s Who in the World 2013, Berkley, USA. Dr. Yasar has been conferred with the President’s Gold Medal for being Overall Best Teacher of NUST, Pakistan by the President of Pakistan, Mr. Mamnoon Hussain and was included in the list of Top 100 Educators of the World 2013 by International Biographical Center of Cambridge, UK.

Also, he is the Central Project Director / Chairman at National Center of Artificial Intelligence (NCAI), Pakistan.

Dr. Fayyaz-ul-Amir Afsar Minhas

Principal Scientist, Department of Computer & Information Sciences, PIEAS

Dr.Fayyaz-ul-Amir Afsar Minhas – a prinicipal scientist in the Department of Computer and Information Sciences at PIEAS, holds a PhD degree in Computer Science from Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA under a Fulbright scholarship with Dr. Asa Ben-Hur. He is a recipient of the National Youth Award by the Ministry of Youth Affairs, Government of Pakistan in the field of Science and TechnologyHe also received two PIEAS gold medals for excellence in research and academics. He has published more than 40 research articles in International journals and conferences. His Biomedical Informatics Lab at PIEAS focuses on the development of computing solutions to problems in Biology and Medicine. In particular, it focuses on applications of machine learning, data analytics and mining in Bioinformatics, medical image and signal analysis in automated diagnosis systems.

Find more about him at: http://faculty.pieas.edu.pk/fayyaz/


Dr. Uzma Masroor

HOD Professional Psychology, Bahria University

Dr.Uzma Masroor – a proficient Clinical Psychologist, certified trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnotherapy (USA), Behavior Therapist (Board of Behavior Analyst, RISE USA) and marital counselor (Netherlands), has dedicated her professional life to facilitate people in unlocking the true potential of their brain. Currently, she is an Associate Professor and Head of Department of Professional Psychology at Bahria University Islamabad. For the very cause of helping people to understand and improve the connection between their mind and soul, Dr. Uzma Masroor is presiding the "Transformation: Inspire for a better living, Islamabad” Chapter.


Dr. Umar Shehzad

Assistant Professor Mechatronics (CEME NUST)

Project Director (NCRA)

Dr.Umar Shehzad – holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechatronics Engineering from college of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, National University of Sciences and Technology. He graduated in 2005. He started off his career by serving as an engineer at Siemens and during this short period he was actively involved in many national level projects. He then left for his PhD in England's University of Liverpool under NUST faculty development scholarship. He completed his PhD in 2010 at a young age of 28 years. During his PhD he published a book titled “Interpretation of Ground Penetrating Radar Data for Utilities”. Currently he is serving as Assistant Professor at Department of Mechatronics, NUST College of E&ME and is actively involved in undergrad and post grade level teaching and research.

He had represented Pakistan in many international forums. His area of research subsume prosthesis (an artificial body part), computer embedded system, robotics and image processing. He is also the Project Director of National Centre of Robotics and Automation (NCRA), a project worth over 1 billion.


Mr. Naveed Ahmed Unar

Assistant Executive Engineer, Grid System Operations, NTDCL-WAPDA

Mr.Naveed Ahmed Unar – an Assistant Executive Engineer, Grid System Operations at National Transmission & Dispatch Company Limited (NTDCL-WAPDA), is volunteering as Action Plan Executor, Affordable and Clean Energy for World Merit’s Merit 360 Flagship Program to tackle the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs). He was the first Pakistani to be selected for Merit360. After 6 months of effort, he is positive to give Pakistan its first solar powered kitchen. In 2017, he was nominated as Adviser, Technical Committee on “Designing Educational Curriculum for Young Children to Build Clean Energy Devices”, an initiative by CareforSeven Startup supported by World Merit UK.

He would like to develop an energy policy think tank for the analysis of power generation potential of renewable energy resources, transmission capacity enhancement and grid system modernization to bring up clean energy revolution in Pakistan.


Mr. Ahsan Farooqui

Data Scientist, OpenWare Business (OWB)

Mr.Ahsan Farooqui – a GIKI graduate, organized IEEE Pakistan Student Congress for the first time at GIKI in 2012. After graduation he worked with Ericsson and then with Huawei Technologies as an engineer. Currently, he is heading AI/ML/RPA team at OpenWare Business. Mr Ahsan Farooqi is an expert in Data Science, Python Programming and has a background experience of over 6 years in Telecom Industry. He is currently leading the Industry Relations and Membership development activities for IEEE in Pakistan (2018 - onwards).


Mr. Bilal Javed Ghumman

Founder, SchoolX

Liaison, YP Sub-Committee of Industry Engagement

Mr.Bilal Javed Ghumman – a tech entrepreneur, marketer, a sought-after speaker and a coach for the personal and professional development community, is a ‘Why Guy’ who asks people why they do what they do and helps them discover themselves. Bilal is the founder of SchoolX, an organization for aspiring leaders and entrepreneurs focusing on Leadership, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Bilal has been invited to 50+ universities nationally and internationally, has trained thousands of young professionals in Asia & MENA region to be self sufficient and efficient. In his training career, he has introduced a series of workshops titled “The Why and How Of..” entrepreneurship, effective leadership, self management, professional and career development.

When it comes to training Mr. Ghumman excels in two things, asking relevant questions and finding the gaps to fill. He believes in helping people discover themselves by giving them a chance to question themselves. Bilal’s speaking style and off the cuff wit is something that leaves his audience entertained, motivated and begging for more.

Bilal serves as the Liaison, Young Professionals Sub-Committee of the Industry Engagement Sub-Committee for the 2018 IEEE Entrepreneurship Steering Committee.


Mr. Fahad Sajid

SSR, IEEE Islamabad Section 18-19

Mr.Fahad Sajid is a graduate in Bachelors of Electrical Engineering (Power Systems). He was enrolled in CUST in 2014 aimed to achieve excellence in engineering and to pursue his career as a professional engineer with enough technical expertise to raise the standards of Innovation in technology for the betterment of humanity. He's always been an admirer of "ASPIRE TO INSPIRE". He has been a part of an organization IEEE and under that banner he has worked at different positions to gain an Insight on managerial skills and most importantly leadership. Working in different domains lead him to win a national level award in Pakistan (Best Leadership Award 2017), During his engineering tenure he has learnt different methods to design and solve problems on run time . His objective is to transcend in this competitive era by learning and improving at every stage of his life and prove himself credible enough to achieve excellence.

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Ms. Syeda Viquar-un-Nisa Hashmi

Commissioner for Transgender and Children

Associate Advisor, Wafaqi Mohtasib (Ombudsman)'s Secretariat, Islamabad

Ms,Syeda Viquar-un-Nisa Hashmi, Associate Advisor Wafaqi Mohtasib Secretariat (the Federal Obudsman of Pakistan) is also a Commissioner to represent members of the transgender community. Her expanded role includes addressing grievances and systemic issues through dialogue with key stakeholders, as well as promoting and advancing protection for transgender Pakistani and looking after their welfare.

In addition, Ms. Hashmi urges both private and public sectors in judiciary, police, media, and health departments to be more sensitive towards transgender people, she highlighted that there is a need to better understand transgender rights and give them respect that they deserved.


Ms. Asna Javed Khan

Cloud Developer Advocate, IBM



Mr. M. Hamza Ihtisham

Ex-SSR, IEEE Lahore Section


Mr. Mian Junaid Manzoor

Chair, SIGHT Islamabad Section


Mr. Haris Zaman

Vice Chair, SIGHT Islamabad Section


Mr. Usman Muhammad Ali

SAC Chair, IEEE Lahore Section


Ms. Mehak Saeed

Vice Chair, WIE Islamabad Section


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